From Classic To Creative, Buffalo Bills Gear In High Demand

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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Sunday's home opener is the start of a new era for the Buffalo Bills.


"It's definitely more exciting thinking about the game on Sunday knowing they're going to be our team," said Bills fan Eric Neace.

A new season and new owners means new swag, and fans will find no shortage of it in local stores, everything from the classic, to the creative.

"All the player tees from Sammy Watkins to Spiller to all the people on the defensive line," said Dave LaGier, Tee Shirt University owner.

"I don't think it can be understated at all what that family has done for the city already," LaGier said.

What's good for the team is good for stores like Tee Shirt University and Pasteurized Tees and with all the hype the last few weeks, owners say 2014 has the makings for their best season yet.

"We've actually had one of the strongest Bills' Augusts that we've had, ever probably,” said LaGier. “So August was really good and this week is the first big build up because of the first home game."

For you last minute shoppers, Tee Shirt University's two Western New York locations will be open all weekend. Pasteurized Tees' Pegula tribute tee will be available sometime next week. -



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